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Power shift through ownership

Ownershift is a politically independent think tank with the purpose of shifting societal power structures through ownership. The long term goal is to diversify ownership overall, starting off with increasing the percentage of female ownership in Sweden. We will start with mapping the current situation, the thresholds and pinpoint the smartest efforts to support Ownershift.
female land owners in Sweden
female sole owners of private
property in Sweden
36% of shares in private property
of stocks on the Swedish Stock
exchange is owned by women
of new businesses are started by women
owneresses in Sweden with company
turnovers above 25 MSEK
The Foundation
The Ownershift Foundation aim is to fund research, spread knowledge and role models, offer basic legal and financial advice to female owners, constitute and distribute scholarships to support real life ownershifts.
The Corporation
The Ownershift Corporation is exploring new ways of working with investment and risk.
The Ownershift purpose is to enable a substantial diversification of ownership in Sweden within the span of a lifetime.

We believe that we would have a better society for all if power through ownership were more equally distributed between men and non-men, as well as diversified overall.

We are aiming to push for shifts in all kinds of ownership, such as; land, real estate, capital and companies. The reason is to give the people we support power over their life decisions.

We are going to shape our practical methods based on relevant research about behaviour around risk and motivation.

We are going to use the power of knowledge, money and a revolutionary spirit to make rapid changes.

We are not going to make women and other minority owner groups adjust to the current systems, we are going to add a new system on top of the current one.
Emma Heikensten
The Scientist
Elin Hammarberg
The Communicator
Louise Samet
The Investor
Jenny Sinclair
The Manager
Caroline Snellman
The Lawyer
Charlotte Sundåker
The Business Leader & Founder of Ownershift
Linda Waxin
The Entreprenuer & Founder of Ownershift
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