About Ownershift

A movement aiming for a measurable increase of women's ownership. A think tank creating knowledge, changing opinion, norms, stereotypes, societal structures and individual behaviors.

Forces behind the movement

Ownershift’s founders, entrepreneurs Charlotte Sundåker & Linda Waxin have initiated and aggregated the collective that today is the Ownershift movement.

Charlotte Sundåker is, in addition to Co-founder and Chair of Ownershift, the co-founder and CEO of planet centric business development firm Planethon, board advisor, and former CEO of global progressive education group Hyper Island.

Linda Waxin is Co-founder and Secretary General of Ownershift, with an operative focus on developing the think tank. Waxin is also a concept developer and writer, brand and board advisor, previously an hr-tech entrepreneur and CEO of PR agency Edelman.

Together they have gathered the experts and executors necessary to initiate an ownershift, and organised the ways that these experts can work together toward a big, common world-changing vision.

In the picture Co-founder & Chair Charlotte Sundåker, Co-founder & Secretary General Linda Waxin.

How it began

After the decision to start Ownershift, in April 2018, a series of working dinners with carefully chosen experts defined the role of the think tank in addressing acceleration of women's ownership.

At the Ownershift dinner series in the spring of 2018, economics Dr. Emma Heikensten, pr-professionals Elin Hammarberg & Jennie Sinclair, investor Louise Samet and lawyer Caroline Snellman together with Sundåker and Waxin decided that Ownershift should be research-based, opportunity oriented, pragmatic, active and fun.

These principles have led the way for a rapidly growing number of people engaged in the movement.

The group decided that action was urgent, and after realizing that there was no compiled data on gender and ownership in Sweden, the newborn think tank created and released their first report in 2019. "Who owns Sweden?" got impactful media attention, and ownership is now an essential part of the Swedish equality conversation in all sectors.

What we do

We are a non-partisan think tank that focuses on the role of being a knowledge hub for women's ownership - compiling, creating, packaging, and spreading facts and research. In addition, we are an active player in driving opinion in favor of women's financial autonomy with the focus on ownership as well as an accelerator of the movement for powershift through ownership.

  • We have a research team that creates one thematic Ownershift report each year besides the update of Who owns Sweden? which is updated annually.
  • We have a PR-, public affairs-, speakers- and trainers team that works all year round spreading the knowledge from our reportsm tirelessly aiming to shift public opinion and changing behaviors as well as defining and forming alliances in favor of societal change.
  • We have a board and administrative function securing a smooth operation within which impact-oriented activities run.
  • We have content- and business development function from which new formats and ventures will spring.
  • We have a sponsorship team that works with the business world to drive change together.
  • We have a creative- and communications studio that can help our sponsors maximize their gain in joining our mission.
  • We have a group of non-formal advisors that support the founders in developing the most impactful ways of working possible, as well as the smartest organisational form, in order to enable the ownershift movement turning into a global one.
  • We are in close connection to a movement that is everyone's, not ours, but one that we feed with knowledge and inspiration. The women's ownership movement.

Board of Directors

Caroline Snellman, Head of Legal Ownershift
Lawyer & CEO LW Advisory part of Legal Works Group, Vice Chair Tjejzonen

Charlotte Sundåker, Chair & Co-founder Ownershift
CEO & Co-founder Planethon

Emma Heikensten, Head of Research Ownershift
Strategic Analyst SEB, Doctor in Economics Stockholm School of Economics

Sofia Gärde, Secretary & Legal Advisor Ownershift
Corporate Legal Counsel SWECO

Mikaela Hegg, CFO Ownershift
CFO Mediafy

Yomi Abiola, Strategic Advisor Ownershift
Founder The Fem League, Scandinavian Alumni Ambassador for Harvard's Kennedy school


The Ownershift purpose is to enable a measurable increase of women’s ownership within the span of a lifetime. We firmly believe that we would have a better society for all if power through ownership were more equally distributed between men and women.

We push for shifts in all kinds of ownership, such as; land, real estate, patents, capital and companies. The purpose is to give women more power over their life decisions, as well as making women integral in forming our societies on all levels.

We shape our practical methods based on relevant research about behavior around risk and motivation. We use the power of knowledge, money and a revolutionary spirit to make rapid changes. We are not making women adjust to the current system, we aim to create a new system on top of the current one.