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Ownershift is now launching the award Owneress of the year with the purpose to lift role models breaking barriers

The Ownershift goal is to enable women's autonomy and societal influence through a measurable increase of women´s ownership within the span of a lifetime. According to research an efficient and effective way to overcome the biggest barriers (norms and stereotypes)in achieving our goal, is to lift role models.

So that's what we are going to do! Together with you!

Nominate here. Dates TBD.

The two criterias we are going for in all categories are:

  • Substantial ownership in the asset the owneress is nominated with
  • Description of impact of the owneress role model contribution to her sphere


Swedish Rocket company Owneress of the year 2021

A Rocket company is a fast growing company or a company with big economic potential

Swedish Company Owneress of the year 2021

Here size or scalability are not important, but rather how the owneress and her business have contributed as a role model in her profession, industry or community

Swedish Stock Owneress of the year 2021

An owneress that inspires with her stock investments

Swedish Forest Owneress of the year 2021

A forest owneress encouraging others to take on forest ownership

Swedish Property Owneress of the year 2021

A property owneress broadening the image of who can be a property owner

Swedish Patent Owneress of the year 2021

A patent holder owneress who invents the world and inspires other to do the same

Swedish Creative Rights Owneress of the year 2021

It can be literary or music rights or similar

Global Role Model Owneress of the year

For Ownershift Hall of Fame. An international Owneress of the year or life time achievement award changing the perception of what an owner could be on a global scale

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